Recruitment Areas

There are no established Draw Zones or Recruitment Areas for teams categorized as U18 AAA. All players are eligible to try out for any of the teams within this category.

In order to make it fair and equitable for all AA U18 and U15 Teams, Recruitment Areas have been established. These Recruitment Areas ensure there is an opportunity for all players that want to, and have the skill to, play within the AA category the ability to do so.  The Recruitment Areas establish a consistent development system for players of all levels throughout the Province.

  • Recruitment Areas for each team do not overlap;
  • Entire Minor Hockey Associations are within specific Recruitment Areas and not split;
  • Each Recruitment Area has had a Host Minor Hockey Association identified within it and this Host MHA is responsible for operating the AA Team(s) as identified for the area, in accordance with this Female Hockey ADM.
  • Recruitment Areas are based on registration numbers, geographic location and travel time to the Host Minor Hockey Association.

U15/U18 AA Recruitment Areas

U13 Recruitment Areas

For information pertaining to which Recruitment Area you are a part of, please click here.